Things that make me Happy


Time for another round!
  • Oreos (I went through a mini-addiction... I think it came back this evening when I discovered there was no chocolate left in the house at all!)
  • Starbucks Hot Chocolate
  • Trips to the beach, with a wetsuit. So warm <3
  • Fuzzy slippers
  • Polaroid Cameras
  • The Clash
  • Watching South Park all day long
  • Not changing out of your PJs
  • Foggy days
  • Going out for a photo shoot
  • Planning out my dorm room
  • Damask patterns
  • Cats
  • Thor

Things that make me Happy

In an attempt to promote more positive thinking in the world, I'm drawing inspiration from Gala Darling's "Things I Love Thursdays". Great stuff, I suggest you hop on over there and drool over her blog! Anywho, My list for this week:
  • Jalamah Burgers
  • Boogie boarding off the California coast without a wetsuit
  •'s Minicards
  • Sprinkle Donuts
  • 5th Element
  • Photo manipulations
  • Cute Retro clothing
  • Visiting with old friends
  • Snakebites (the piercing) -Do want.
  • Smooth Criminal
  • Carnival Goldfish (I'm thinking of paying the $2 to try and win one tomorrow at the Flower Festival)
  • Making Cookies from the insta-cookie mix. Not as good as Grandma's, but still yummy!

School is out

It is summer.
I'm neglecting this blog.

I'll motivate myself some other time =\
Travis is here.
Life is good.

"You and me are going to be alright;
We're going to shake the ground,
We're going to smash the sky.

Imagine a place
Where dreams lead the way
And all of your colors fade the grey
Imagine the dream
Now close both your eyes
Fall into the violet skies"

Lloth, the Spider Queen


Sorry I haven't posted in pretty much forever. School has been hellish.
Besides all that nonsense, I have been reading R.A. Salvidor's Legend of the Drow series. Dear god, it is amazing. Epic. al;sdjkfalsdkjf
I loves it so much. I don't know how I haven't become obsessed with it sooner in my life. Everything about it.. om nom nom <3

But yes, I drew a pretty picture whilst not doing a project for one of my classes. I'm going to clean it up and submit it to a student art gallery, and hope I winz moniez.

Also. I think I'm going to go to art school. I'm sick of treating it like an unattainable dream just because I don't have the money. I'm going to find a way.

....anybody want to commission me? :D


My amazingly wonderful new tablet has finally come in! What ended up happening was this:
-We ordered it from Digital Graphics Resources
-They took out the money around 2 weeks after the order was placed
-They never sent us a shipping conformation. My mom called and was all "wtf"?
- They told us not to worry, and it would be sent out soon.
- Two weeks later, we call back. They say it is on its way
-A week later, we call back. They don't answer. This continues for 1-2 more weeks
-We decide we are fed up. Debit card is cancled, fraud is filed, tablet is ordered from and shipped (Yesterday)

That is all ok now. Those guys are a bunch of losers, and I have my super awesome new tablet.


Pencil Sketches


Here are some freebie sketches I did for some lovely people on Mene. Since I don't have my tablet yet, they're in pencil :P