New Haircut!


Yup, I got a haircut... finally!
Here is an over-photoshooped image for you.

I like it, 'tis nice to have something new. I really needed all my over-bleached hair cut off. Quite badly. My neck is going to be really cold though! Friggin winter having to happen at college.

Ok.. I lie. I love winter. But still, you have to see my point.



Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!!
I'm getting a new 9 x 12 Intuos 3 Wacom Tablet!!


This totally came out of the blue. I'm so excited I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I never dreamed of having this amazing beauty. Wanna hear the story? Sure you do, you're still reading! Ok ok, for my CGT 112 (Technical Sketching) we have to buy the cintiq/intuos pen to use on the Cintiq tablets they have in lab. Well, that is friggin $70 by its self. Sooo, I got to thinking, and pitched my briliant idea to my parents that instead of using that refund check for like... normal things, that I should invest in a new tablet and save a few bucks, because I wanted to replace my old crappy 4-years-of-abuse graphire 4x6 tablet. THEY ACTUALLY WENT FOR IT. FUCK YEAH.

I'm so exicted, I actually promised myself I would find time for the Daily Sketch Group over at Concept Art .Org. Awesome, no? I'm going to build my portfolio and life is going to be awesome :]
 Behold the sexiest man ever!
Yeah, that's right, 'tis my Travis. He's my better half, and I figure I would share a lovely photo of him playing a guitar in guitar center. He does this silly "I'm going to be grumpy when you take my picture" thing. I swear he actually smiles ;]


He makes my life awesome. Almost 2 years now, fooz!!
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Yeah you guessed it back, I'm back at school. Sucks major dildos, I'm telling you. I suppose seeing friends again is going to be nice, however I just wish I was still in California. :[

On the flip side, I got my scanner set up, so that means loads more sketches for you all. You all being the total of 0 people who actually read this blog. Comment on this to prove me wrong =\
Doesn't matter though, I do this for fun. Bloggin' is addicting.

I'm going to go to bed now...

I love photoshop


Here you go folks. Me being a photo-whore.
It was fun taking a break from leveling my warlock, and spitting out this over-photoshopped me. :]


Gasp, a new year!
It is so thrilling to be back in California. I've missed this place sooooo much. ALKJdlsjdflasjdf. I just got through with a 2 night camping fest, over just in time to greet the new year! I'm just chilling over at Nick's house, enjoying the usual perks of a week-long LAN. I've started up WoW again, now that school isn't bending me over, and I also have a bit of christmas art to work on (still xD ).
I'm still in love with my new pens. I already want to order a new set! They're so... clean. I've been drawing everything with them, I don't want to work with anything else! On the bright side, I've been putting this obsession to something amusing. I'm drawing "The Crew" in one awesome picture. It shall be epic.

Uh, not sure what else to say. I'm cold and tired. And I can't wait to sleep in a bed.