Christmas Artz?!


Sooo, even though it is Christmas eve still, I opened presents at my Grandma's house already <3
One of the things I got from my Aunt and Uncle was a set of greyscale inking pens and a sketchbook. Here's what I did while we were all still unwrappin our stuffs :]
Two quick little doodles all in my new pens. Yay <3

Art for Mene


I finally finished my art for Bunnyy <3
I love her two characters, if she is still interested in my art I want to try to get some more items from her (I got a December '07 set from her for the couple picture).
But dear lord this took freakn' FOREVER. I swear I recolored it over 9000 times. UGH. I still wasn't completely satisfied by it, so I decided to send a chibi sketch with it so I didn't rip her off or anything x.X
Ho hum.

We also had our family christmas this evening. It went well, I got a very nice laptop bag, as well as lots of nice warm clothing! ALL of it is in purple/grey/black as well~<3
I'll post some dorky pics in a wee bit.

It's Good to be Home

Oh yes, I figure I should mention the fact that I'm home again! I left my looser-slut room mate in the dust, and I'll never see her skanky ass again! Hellz yeah >O
It really is wonderful being home. I was worried I wouldn't be able to make the trip this evening due to the ice storm that decided to happen thursday night. OF COURSE, WEATHER. Just ICE STORM the night before I have to go home. No biggy.
But whateves. I'm now all curled up in my bed, with my kitty laying all over me. Note the picture:

I love little Thor <3
Well, he isn't so little anymore! He's really grown since the last time I've seen him. But that's ok, he still has the heart of a kitten

The Necromancer


I realized I have this picture chillin on my photobucket. I totally forgot I took it!
The Necromancer and his lover. I think I'm going to redesign his outfit.



Here's one of my semi-finished pieces. I haven't posted it on DA yet because I need to finish the "background".
Lulz <3

Finals are almost done...

Only one more left to go! Thank heyzuse that it is only PSY 120. Piece 'o cake. And just for the record, I got a 98 on my term paper! 98!! HELL YEAH! I was/am pumped! Hoo-rah.
I'm also thrilled that I have only 2 days left of living with psycho-bitch. Woot Woot <3

As far as art goes, I'll get those sketches posted within the week. I still have to pack/clean my room before break, and I'm afraid that comes first :[

The first few sketches!


As of right now, all I have are a few sketches done in photoshop to update with. Once I get un-lazy and/or a scanner, I'll post my pencil sketches (which are infinitely more numerous). But yes, here ye go:

Just a doodle I did when it started snowing for the first time. An ice queen or some sort I suppose

A chibi-esque version of me I guess?

My character from a dead RP, Alyre. I wish it was still going :[

An entry to a contest that I missed the deadline for. I decided to omit the colors since they were rather ugly and unfinished >>


Dead week is over! Yay!
But now I have to worry about finals week.... Ugh.
I'm really quite thrilled that whole hell is done with. I spent today just being a lazy lazy person. It was wonderful. I didn't get up until like... oh say 2-ish? Then I just bumed around with friends all day. Tomorrow I'll see about uploading sketches n stuff for the web to see. And I need to study for the sinking ship that is M221 (Calc for Technology).
But whatever. It doesn't make a bit of difference guys, the balls are inert. And there is only 12 days left. Less than 2 weeks!
I'm thrilled :D

First Post- OH SHIT

Hm, so I've decided it is time for me to start a big of a blog/ sketch blog. It shall be about a week before I can really dedicate much time to this, for it is dead week, after all. Ugh, the joys of college. I have this 15 page research paper for one of my CGT classes that is due friday... yeah, I'm on the second paragraph. GO ME.
Seriously... I detest dead week. That is what I get for having such a project-oriented major.

On the flip side, I've been watching Superjail! The complete insanity of it really makes my life a bit better, and each episode is only 15 min long. Perfect for sneaking in a snack between pages in my paper. Le sigh, I ADORE the Warden. He's so... fantastic.
Linky to the websites!