First Post- OH SHIT

Hm, so I've decided it is time for me to start a big of a blog/ sketch blog. It shall be about a week before I can really dedicate much time to this, for it is dead week, after all. Ugh, the joys of college. I have this 15 page research paper for one of my CGT classes that is due friday... yeah, I'm on the second paragraph. GO ME.
Seriously... I detest dead week. That is what I get for having such a project-oriented major.

On the flip side, I've been watching Superjail! The complete insanity of it really makes my life a bit better, and each episode is only 15 min long. Perfect for sneaking in a snack between pages in my paper. Le sigh, I ADORE the Warden. He's so... fantastic.
Linky to the websites!

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