Gasp, a new year!
It is so thrilling to be back in California. I've missed this place sooooo much. ALKJdlsjdflasjdf. I just got through with a 2 night camping fest, over just in time to greet the new year! I'm just chilling over at Nick's house, enjoying the usual perks of a week-long LAN. I've started up WoW again, now that school isn't bending me over, and I also have a bit of christmas art to work on (still xD ).
I'm still in love with my new pens. I already want to order a new set! They're so... clean. I've been drawing everything with them, I don't want to work with anything else! On the bright side, I've been putting this obsession to something amusing. I'm drawing "The Crew" in one awesome picture. It shall be epic.

Uh, not sure what else to say. I'm cold and tired. And I can't wait to sleep in a bed.

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